Sunday, December 20, 2009

How to buy good sunglasses

Sunglasses are no mere fashion statement: good ones provide safe, comfortable vision. Sunglasses prevent ultraviolet (UV) from getting to your eyes. When you are outdoors, exposure to sunlight can be damaging. UV rays have been linked to cataracts and other forms of eye disease and prolonged exposure can cause premature wrinkles in the soft tissue around the eyes. Regardless of the season, sunglasses should be worn outside, particularly in areas where reflection of the sun is likely, such as water or snow.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is considered to be in the wavelength range of 100-400 nanometers. Any sunglasses worth buying should have a sticker declaring the level of UV protection. For maximum protection from UV, look for sunglasses labeled "absorbs UV up to 400 nm." By wearing good sunglasses, you can dramatically reduce the stress on your eyes and avoid eye disease cause of ultraviolet exposure.

There are many different places to get a good pair of sunglasses both online and offline. If you prefer to buy sunglasses online, make sure you buy it from reputable online stores.

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