Thursday, December 17, 2009

Choosing the right children beds

Choosing the right childrens beds can be confusing task for most parents. To make sure your child sleeps properly you should buy him a quality bed and mattress. Make sure there are no sharp edges or hard surfaces that kids can unknowingly hurt themselves on in the middle of the night.

Children's beds come in various shapes and sizes. When two or more children must be placed in a single room, it's better to have separate bed for each one. But if there isn't room for two twin-size beds, bunk beds offer a solution. But bunk beds pose two dangers: The child on the top bunk can fall out, and the child on the lower bunk can be injured if the top bunk collapses. So it is important to choose bunk beds with guard rails that are firmly attached to the bed structure, and don't allow kids under six to sleep on the top bunk.


  1. I agree.. children's bed should no sharp edges nor hard surfaces

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