Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mental Health During Pregnancy

Recent studies have shown that depression, stress, anxiety, and other mood disorders strike many mothers, both during and after pregnancy.

Stress can contribute to emotional and mental problems during pregnancy. Normal worries of parents, such as where to find the extra income to care for the new baby, can put stress on the mother. The discomforts of pregnancy can also lead to stress. Research suggests that stress is harmful because it releases a hormone that can trigger contractions of the uterus. Stress also causes higher blood pressure, elevated heart rate, and other negative physical reactions.

Indirectly, stress can cause harm by leading to smoking, drinking, or not eating well. Mood swings and feelings of depression also trouble many pregnant women. Changes in the body’s hormones are the cause of some of these emotional changes. Health care professionals can recommend a variety of techniques for reducing stress and improving mental health. Deep breathing, meditation, and other relaxation techniques help many women. Support groups and childcare classes relieve anxieties about pregnancy.


  1. Depression is a mood disorder that makes you feel great sadness. Many of us have been feeling a bit 'blue at some point in our lives, but depression is much stronger.

  2. pregnancy most crucial part in women, I have also heard about that, so many womens are suffering from this problem during pregnancy.

  3. During pregnancy it should be necessary to keep her mental health healthy for lady. Really good post this one is.

  4. Depression is the mood disorder most associated with pregnancy.Untreated depression may cause grave consequences to the mother and baby.