Monday, January 2, 2012

UHMW polyethylene

Tivar is a brand name for UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), or UHMW polyethylene. UHMW polyethylene is a plastic with good bearing characterisics, that is, a low coefficient of friction when it is articulated with metals and cearmics, although it has been associated with cold flor deformation or creep. Tivar or UHMW polyethylene commonly used for hopper. When compared to other products, UHMW has significant advantages and meets a large number of hopper lining requirements. UHMW able to reduce material flow challenges.

Tivar recognized worldwide for its greater impact strength, low coefficient of friction, promoting the smooth, steady flow of bulk material. If you need Tivar product, there are many different places to get this plastic material. You can find the supplier of Tivar in your area by checking on Yellow Pages. Internet also a good place to get information about Tivar suppliers. Make sure you only get Tivar from reputable suppliers.


  1. It is the Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene.This polyethylene used for the hoppers.It able to reduce materials flow challenges.This blog is really informative for us.

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    1. Great article which you share above.. It such a very interesting and useful for us.