Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The store sign

When you want to open a retail store, one of your first steps is getting the store sign. The store sign, known as signage, includes the name of the store and occasionally a logo and advertising tagline. Good exterior signage is essential to any business but especially to those that depend on drop-in traffic. Find out what city regulations for signage is in your city.

You can also use banners to announce your store's opening before your permanent signage is installed. Banner sign made of fabric or other similar nonrigid material. The most popular is vinyl banner. A vinyl banner can be rolled for easy storage. It can also have vent holes cut to make it behave in a windstorm. Visit your local sign shop To get vinyl banner that you need. To find banner NY supplier you can look on yellow pages or search on the internet. Make sure you choose sign shop that can give you professional looking banner.


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