Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Working as a computer operator

As computer technology changes and data processing centers become more automated, computer operator become more required by employers. In the past, computer operators frequently got their training on the job. Today, more employers are looking for operators who have had formal training from vocational and technical schools. Entry to a computer operator's job usually requires a university degree or college diploma.

The main responsibility of a computer operator is to follow detailed directions specified in operation manuals and operating procedures, and to set controls on computers in order to perform specific jobs. Computer operators also must respond to all error messages, locate the source of the problem, and either find a solution or terminate the program.

If you're interested to start career as computer operator, there are many places to find computer operator employment. Online on the internet can be the easiest and quickest way to find your dream job and a job you'll love.


  1. You have provided here such a great information and mainly it is useful for the people who are working with the Computers.Nice Sharing.

  2. Computer operator jobs are a huge part of the operation of any business and they require the knowledge of individuals to program these systems in order for them to work efficiently.Having a degree in computer science or communication networking is a very big plus, even though it is not required to get a job of this magnitude.

  3. Many computer operator jobs require that a person specialize in a certain technology allowing them to become a resource to business developer. Career as an operator can lead you into the world of big business, or even into science and engineering fields.