Monday, March 21, 2011

Extreme surfing

Surfing is a sport in which people ride surfboards on large waves. Surfer lies on the board and paddles out into the ocean. Then the they waits for a wave, usually at the peak of breaking waves. When a good wave comes, the surfer starts paddling to stay ahead of the wave.

Surfing may be the world's oldest extreme sport. Surfing was a prominent part of ancient Hawaiian culture. Surfing can sometimes be a little dangerous. If things do go wrong, it can become a potential drowning incident. People are now strong enough to swim at least 100 m in ocean waves should not even think about trying to surf.

Surfing equipment has developed significantly since the early days of surfing. You can go to surf shop to find a wide selection surfing equipment. The internet has really revolutionised the way we can find surf shop. Today you can go to surf shop directory website to find surf shop near you.

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  1. Surfing is an amazing sport with an impressive history.It is another great example of an extreme sport. It is an adrenaline rush that many people travel to each coast of the United States to experience.