Thursday, February 10, 2011

Medigap insurance

Medicare is a public health insurance program that funds many medical expenses for seniors and the disabled. A lot of people who are on Medicare buy some kind of so-called Medigap insurance. Medigap (Medicare Supplement Insurance) is intended to supplement Medicare's benefits, this insurance policy covers the gaps in Medicare Parts A and B.

Prices of Medigap insurance is vary widely for policies that provide the same coverage. So you should shop carefully and buy a policy that offers the kind of additional help you think you need most. To make it easier for consumers to comparison shop for Medigap insurance, nearly all states limit the number of different Medigap policies that can be sold in any of thos jurisdiction to no more than 10 standard Medigap plans. The 10 plans are identified by the letters A through J. As you would imagine, the premiums for the policies are increases as you go up the alphabet.


  1. Insurance is necessary in todays life.Every one have a many kind of insurance like home health and for the vehicles.Medicare is essential for the humans you share the importance of it in this post it is really nice.

  2. Medicare provides broad coverage but does not cover everything. Thus, some people choose to buy a separate policy for the coverage of these areas, Medicare does not. This is known as Medigap insurance. You buy a Medigap private insurance.