Monday, December 6, 2010

What you should know about mulching

Mulching is the process of covering bare soil in your garden with either organic matter like compost or an inorganic material like marble chips. Mulch can be made of both living and non-living material. Mulch is simple to install; just dump it and rake it around.

Mulching is one of the most effective and desirable methods of preventing germination and growth of annual weeds. Mulch controls weeds by blocking sunlight to the soil and to some extent by providing a physical barrier to weed growth. Mulches also help give landscaped areas a neater appearance and keep soils cool when there is too much heat; where it gets cold, mulches insulate the soil, and where there are freeze-thaw cycles, mulch is great at preventing premature plant growth by keeping soil frozen.

If you are using mulches in your garden, it is best to apply or add additional mulch after the soil has warmed up in the spring.

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