Saturday, December 11, 2010

Home heating system

Heating system is important in many house. Even in very warm climates there are times when some heat is needed. A home's heating system is simple: it's designed to transmit heat from the furnace or boiler to living areas. Warm-air heating system is the most common type of heating system. In a warm-air heating system, the air is heated in a furnace that is usually oil or gas fired, although it can be heated by electric-resistance coils.

Whatever heating system you have, it is important to do regular maintenance. Periodic maintenance you must do once a year includes oiling bearings, cleaning, adjusting, and checking the component parts of the burner, boiler, or furnace. Heating system maintenance usually a job for a pro. So it is a good idea to call heating service in your area to do the maintenance and repairing. To find Austin central heating service you can look on Yellow Pages or search on the Internet.

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