Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kitchen countertops

Granite is a perfect choice for hard surface applications where low maintenance and durability is important. Pieces of granite can be cut and shaped to give the edge of a counter a wide variety of looks. For this reason, granite tile have become standard household materials that appear on countertops, floors and other areas throughout your home.

Many home owners choose granite countertop for their kitchen. Because granite is a very hard stone, it's not susceptible to heat. But it is somewhat porous, so the countertop will require sealing at least once a year. Granite comes in a variety of colors: shades of green, brown, gold, blue, violet, and mauve, as well as almost pure black and almost pure white. Prices for granite countertop vary widely. You can buy granite countertops from a local supplier or find fabricators online. Granite is expensive, but often has an attractive payback since kitchen upgrades usually have a positive effect on resale value.

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