Saturday, November 6, 2010

Depuy Lawsuit

In the United States, defective medical devices are subject to recall and repair. Medical devices pulled from the market because of serious side effects or harm to users. If a defective medical device causes personal injury, the victim may claim compensation from the manufacturer.

In most cases, a company recalls a medical device on its own. For example, DePuy Orthopedics has recalled their ASR and ASR XL hip replacement systems from the market since August 26, 2010. They recall their product because metal toxicity risks and high failure rates that threatened the health of recipients. Due to the recall of the product, Depuy ASR lawsuit was filed by many people who has received ASR hip replacement.

If you have received ASR hip replacement, you can consider to file lawsuit against the manufacturer. Before filing a lawsuit, it is a good idea to get case evaluation from lawyer. Make sure you only hire experienced lawyer to help you get compensation from the manufacturer.

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  1. The major problem with the DePuy ASR hip replacement system is the rate of wear and tear between the implant and the bone. All hip replacement systems wear a little each year, but the significant volume of sub-microscopic particles being distributed into the blood stream by the these systems has given cause for the DePuy recall.
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