Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Awnings for home

Residential awnings can extend a living space with style. Awnings extend your evenings in the garden while adding character and color to your home. They drastically change the appearance of your home for the better. Good-quality Awnings can also save cooling costs and pleasantly shade your home's interior. Like a solid roof, awnings keep the rain out, but must be collapsed or removed at the end of the season in climates where it snows.

There are various styles of awning you can choose from. Some homeowners prefer the old-fashioned hand-cranked awning, while others prefer the convenience of a motorized awning with a control panel mounted inside the home. Awning fabrics come in countless colors and patterns, both striped and solid. With so many options you can find one that perfect for your home. You can look on your local yellow pages or online on the Internet to find residential awning suppliers.


  1. Awnings many advantages, including lower temperatures and sun protection. The temperature under an awning can be up to twenty degrees cooler than unshaded areas.

  2. There are different styles of blinds to choose from. Some owners prefer to hand crank the old porch, while others prefer to practice motorised awning with a control panel installed inside the house.