Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Skateboarding safety rules

Skateboarding is an exciting individual sport. Skateboarding is good exercise, too. They do many tricks with their skateboard. Skateboarders do tricks on sidewalks, railings, half- pipes, ramps, and bowls. Balance is the key element to mastering any skateboarding trick.

Skateboarding involves high speeds, balance, and at times extreme maneuvers. Because the nature of skateboarding encompasses both high speed and extreme maneuvers, high-energy fractures and other injuries can occur. Wrist injuries are the number one injury, usually resulting in a sprain or a fracture.

To prevent injuries, safety equipment is important, especially for beginners. The most important piece of safety equipment is a helmet, you should not ever skate without one. Other protective equipment includes knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves. Although they may not look or feel cool, helmets and pads can save you from abrasions, fractures, broken bones, or even death. You can go to local skateboard shops or visiting online suppliers to get protective gear such as helmet and pads.

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