Monday, August 2, 2010

All about Celtic Cross

The most popular Christian visual symbol across the centuries is the cross. The cross is a powerful symbol of protection and is used most often by Christians as a symbol of their faith and belief in Jesus Christ. The value of the cross as a Christian symbol is supposed to date from the time when Jesus Christ was crucified.

There are hundreds of variations on the basic shape of the cross. One of popular is Celtic Cross which has a circle enclosing the cross beams. Popular Irish legend maintains that St. Patrick, patron saint, created the first Celtic cross during his missionary work converting the pagan Irish to Christianity. Today the Celtic cross is a well-known symbol of Irish Christianity and worn as a pendant. A lot of Christians also wear Celtic crosses around their necks. You can buy Celtic Cross Pendants at stores that specialized in Christian jewelry. You can also get Celtic Cross Pendant at online stores.


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