Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What you should know about physical therapy

The doctors and nurses are to help save your life, but a physical therapist may help restore the quality of your life. The goal of physical therapy is to restore normal function after illness or injury. A physical therapist uses movement and touch to help heal a body that's in pain from arthritis, stroke, injury, diseases such as cancer and other ailments. Physical therapy includes exercise, massage, manipulation, and treatment with water, heat, electricity, and ultrasound to restore or maintain mobility and function.

You'll find physical therapists in hospitals, clinics, schools, or in their own private practice. To find Austin physical therapy experts, ask friends, colleagues, mentors, and relatives whom they recommend. You can also ask your doctor or other doctors you know for the name of any physical therapist whom they utilize. Another route is use your favorite search engine to find physical therapist name and address in Austin area.

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  1. Personal trainer requires no college education.You take a weekend course at a gym.he best therapist knows it is impossible to remember everything, and that knowledge allows him/her to know when to seek out answers.I'm majoring in pre-physical therapy but I do know many PT's who have a degree in psychology.