Friday, July 9, 2010

Effective business card

Your business card will be your first promotional piece. So make sure that it reinforces what you are selling. But do not overload the business card with information. Your name, address, and business phone are the vital information that must appear on the card. Don't forget to include your website address, if you have one!

Business cards are very inexpensive to produce. Forget the idea of printing up your own business cards on your inkjet printer from some stock you bought at an office supply store. To get professional looking business card, consider use a quick printing service on the Internet. There are many online printing companies that offer inexpensive business cards. You'll pay only about $15 for 100 cards at online printing companies.

Most business people carry their cards for identification and promotion. Once you get your own business card, give your cards to every person you meet, no matter what they do.

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