Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Become a professional cosmetologist

Every day millions of Americans visit cosmetologists seeking professional advice and services to help them look their best. A cosmetologist cuts and styles hair, performs manicures, and offers makeup advice. Cosmetologist is one of the fastest growing and lucrative careers, and the opportunity to own your own business is quite good.

Professional training is essential for a career in cosmetology. If you want to become a professional cosmetologist you should go to beauty school. You can locate a beauty school in your area by looking in the yellow pages of the phone book under beauty and cosmetology schools. After graduating from beauty school, you should take a State licensing examination. Every state in the United States requires that you pass its licensing test before you can work as a cosmetologist. You will find a number of websites for beauty schools, which will tell you more about what you need to learn before you can get a license and be a qualified cosmetologist.

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