Friday, March 19, 2010

Excellent Floor Materials

The word tile generally means any hard-wearing material used to cover floors and walls. Granite is one of popular tiles available in the market. Granite is resistant to heat and scratches. These natural stones have become standard household materials that appear on countertops, floors and other areas throughout your home.

granite tile is elegant and durable material for flooring. Granite tiles often have characteristic crystal-like features and veining, which can vary considerably from tile to tile. Because granite is a natural material, variations in color, texture, and markings are to be expected and are part of the charm of the material. The porosity of granite also varies, as does its price. Square tile is the most common shape manufactured and sold on the market. It is easy to maintain your granite, just keep it clean by wiping a damp cloth. You can buy granite tiles from a local supplier or find suppliers online.

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