Friday, January 8, 2010

Dealing with school refusal

Many children are challenged by anxiety at some time in their school career and refuse to attend school or difficulties remaining in classes for an entirely day. School refusal is very common among young children, particularly those in kindergarten or the first grade. It can be hard to know whether what you're seeing is a normal phase that all kids go through or a sign that your child has a problem, something you need to give special attention to. In order to be supportive and help the child about their problem, parents need to understand anxiety and what causes of refusal to attend school.

Go to child counseling may help the child with school refusal. To find child counseling Denver, you can ask your friends who have had similar problem with school refusal. The goal of counseling is to help the child confront anxiety and overcome it by returning to school. Treatment of refusal to attend school depends on carefully determining the cause and then treating it appropriately.

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