Saturday, January 2, 2010

Adolescent drug abuser

The problematic use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco is unquestionably the nation's number one health problem and the largest single factor in crime. Drug use trends among young people have changed rapidly in recent years. Drugs affect the lives of young people in many different ways. Drug abuse among adolescents is highly correlated with adolescent pregnancy, poor grades, dropping out of school, and delinquency.

When an adolescent becomes a drug abuser, hospitalization is often a necessary and even lifesaving first step. There are various drug rehabilitation programs available to help young people quit from illegal drugs. Many residential drug rehab center in the United States primarily use group counseling to help adolescent with drug abuse problems rather than individual counseling. Drug treatment is usually a medically supervised or influenced program which helps the addict reduce and end drug use.

To find good drug treatment center, you can ask friends or your private physician for recommendation. You can also find drug treatment center info by do a little research on the internet.

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