Thursday, December 10, 2009

Police technology and equipement

The most demanding and probably the most rewarding job in a police agency is the police officer, also called the trooper or deputy sheriff position. There are many reasons people become police officers. Being a police constable offers good earnings and career progression. Police work also provides an opportunity to serve while gaining respect and earning a good living.

The equipment used by police officers changes every day. Emerging technology and advancements in science have improved work performance of the police. Ideally, equipment should increase the flexibility of police response and reduce officer injury.

Today the police radio has become a central part of police equipment. The radio is to provide continuous communication among commanders, supervisors, and field personnel. Besides radio, law enforcement also uses other types of high-tech equipment such as infrared cameras, wired microphones, and binoculars, but they are mostly used in investigative or covert operations, and are not usually associated with patrol.

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