Friday, November 6, 2009

Opportunities in physician assistant careers

A physician assistant is a health care professional who has graduated from an accredited physician assistant programs and is authorized by the state to practice medicine under the supervision of a licensed physician. The physician assistant as a new profession emerged at almost the same time as the nurse practitioner. Physician's assistants and nurse practitioners are comparable in many ways, but the nurse practitioner focuses on nursing care and can work independently of doctors.

There are many reasons people become physician assistants. Many students choose to become physician assistants rather than physicians because of the shorter length of study and the less burden-some expense. Some people become physician assistant because they are in another health profession and want more responsibility for the medical care of their patients.

A physician's assistant must have graduated from an accredited physician's assistant program and passed the national physician's assistant examination. At physician assistant programs, students are trained in the medical model, similar to most medical school programs. After graduate from physician assistant programs and national examination, you can start looking new job or go to Advanced Physician Assistant Program. Today, you have option to take your advance education online. There are many online physician assistant programs available out there. Before applying online education, you should do a little research about their reputation.

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