Monday, October 5, 2009

Safety skateboarding

Skateboarding was the first extreme sport to be invented in the United States. Skateboarding involves high speeds, balance, and at times extreme maneuvers. Skateboarding has held a great attraction to teenagers, especially boys. They use their skateboards as means of transportation in order to get to work or even go to school. Skateboarding has become a lifestyle in which whole industry of fashion and other accessories complement the sport.

For safety reason, many skateboarders must find or build their own spaces in which to practice free from traffic and pedestrians. Today, many cities have planned skate parks to provide safe places to practice.

Skateboarding can be quite dangerous for both beginners and experienced. The most common injuries are sprains, abrasions, and fractures of the face, jaw, skull, and teeth. Always check the skateboard for hazards, such as loose, broken, or cracked parts; sharp edges on metal boards; slippery top surfaces; and wheels with nicks and cracks. It is also important to use safety gear before skateboarding. Skateboarders should use knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, and a helmet. Knee and elbow pads help make injuries less serious. A skateboard shop will help you find the right safety gears for skateboarding.

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