Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mobility Works

Guest Post By: Greg P.

Mobility Works (MobilityWorks.com) is the ideal company for people who need information about wheelchair access vans. Their website is very well laid out with links to all kinds of information from financing to modifications to a van you may already own.
There are tools on the site for searching wheelchair access vans, plus an online look up. Mobility Works consists of 12 locations in seven different states, including Albany, New York, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, Ohio and Saginaw, Michigan, just to mention a few. They offer over 200 different new and used models of wheelchair accessible vans to choose from. The vehicles are modified to suit the customer's needs. Most Mobility Works locations offer full vehicle service maintenance of minor repairs. They also offer scheduled maintenance checks on the wheelchair accessible vans.
The links on the site include financing, rentals, lifts and equipment and a lot more. There is information on assistance you may qualify for from the Bureau of Worker's Compensation, Medicaid, Medicare and veteran benefits concerning wheelchair accessible vans.
Mobility Works has a team of experts you can send an email to or a toll free number to call with questions on wheelchair accessible vans. They can also answer your questions on replacement equipment for your van. Their website is an excellent source of information on wheelchair accessible vans. Whether you are ready to buy or need more information, the website MobilityWorks.com can answer all your questions for you.

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