Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crane certification training program

Cranes are used for a variety of tasks. They are commonly used in industry and construction site. To operate crane, people require training to ensure proper and safe operation of the crane and rigging of loads to prevent proper and save operation. Cranes are heavy equipment where a little failure will cause lethal accident for the workers. That's the reason only qualified operators allow to operating crane. Providing the operator with a good training can enhance the possibility that crane will operated safely.

Several companies have training programs for crane operators involving both classroom and on-the-job training. From your training as a crane operator you should understand the advantages and limitations of outrigger settings and be aware of the dangers of failing to use them. Most crane manufacturers supply with the crane some sort of operator's handbook which also generally contains information and advice in safe operating practices. You can use this handbook to help you more understand about crane.

If you are looking crane certification training program, you should join with the ATS. There you will get training to operate both fixed can and swing cab mobile hydraulic cranes. To join ATS crane training you can go to their official website at

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