Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Staying drug free

Making wise decisions about drugs will have a positive effect on your physical, mental/emotional, and social health. You protect your body against the harmful effects of drugs. You are able to concentrate better and will do better in school.

Developing skills for refusing drugs is very important. Refusal skills can help you say no to unhealthy behaviors. These skills can help you resist negative peer pressure without feeling guilty or uncomfortable. Saying no in a clear and confident way lets others know you respect yourself and your health.

However, you can take steps now that will help you to avoid such a situation. Choose friends who are also drug free. Avoid going to places where you know drugs will be present. Finally, always look for healthful ways to deal with problems you are facing. If you feel lonely or depressed, or if you need help solving personal problems, talk to an adult you trust. The people you are with, the places you happen to be, and how you are feeling, all play a role in your ability to be drug free. Your awareness of positive alternatives to drug use and the benefits of staying drug free also play a role.

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