Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Keep teeth healthy

Teeth are vital to your appearance and health. They chew and grind food, making it easier to digest. They are also necessary for proper speech. Caring for the teeth and gums is essential. Make it a habit to floss and gently brush the teeth and gums for at least two to three minutes, twice a day. Brushing and flossing clean the teeth and remove plaque.

Good eating habits also help keep your teeth healthy. Dairy products and other foods high in calcium will help keep teeth strong. You should also limit the number of sugary foods you eat. You should see a dentist twice a year. The dentist or a dental hygienist will clean and remove hard-to-reach plaque and tartar. The dentist can also treat any cavities and gum problems. If your teeth are growing in crooked, your dentist may recommend that you see an orthodontist. An orthodontist may put braces on your teeth to straighten them.

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